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So progress has been slow over winter, impaired by weather and other projects (like this here blogging platform, have you started a blog here yet? no? why not? Joined the forums and come said hi? ehhh? oh come on! )

Anyway, like i said, slow progress, luckily some of the “outsourced” parts of the build have been going well. Errrrrr…. outsourced? yep Open-mouthed smile

I went and negotiated (begged) Greendrifter of ghettoturbo building fame to weld me together a 1.8 exhaust to TD04 turbo manifold. a “price” was agreed on and we both went back to our other projects, like family, work, websites…. why “price”? cos Greendrifter being a nice northernlad is a devil to get him to take cash, we ended up settling on a swap of his skills and welding time for the flywheel and clutch that was coming out of the donor car.

He knew i wasn’t in a rush, what with the other projects and winter etc, so a few months went by before anything really happened. As it turns out he has pretty damn good timing, a week before my first scheduled visit up to start working on her again, I get txted a pair of pictures of the new manifold tacked together on his bench, and test fitted into the car. still some adjustments to make, and seam welding it shut, but here is my very own Greendrifter built Ghetto ™ exhaust to turbo manifold.

Gunna be great to get this running, getting all excited again Open-mouthed smile

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