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So I was at work, minding my own business, working industriously to further the fortunes of the great and wonderful ESP Projects, when Painterdave went and sent me this pic.

That, if you can’t guess is my collection of panels all smothered in lovely grey primer. Painterdave accompanied his message with a threat of yellow shineyness to follow later….. Concentration on anything else now = 0.

I immediately spent the next coupla hours grinning like a very grinning thing until…..

Good to his words, a few hours later this appeared on my phone. Cue me running round the office like a demented headless fraggle….. Can’t wait to see them in all their glory painterdave = nice lad ( with skills) 🙂

so how much do i wanna be up in Deepcar basking in the radiant glow of that little golden collection? errr…… a lot….. but can’t get there till Friday. Sux Sad smile

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