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After the dramas of missing out on a tasty resprayed and turbod MX5 on saturday while out on the MX5Nutz Peaks Meet  I have spent waaaaaay too much time thinking about what to do with my Baby

So,  I was on ebay (why do so many of my stories start with that?) And I came across a very cheap 1.8 for sale, mk1 IS. I figure that the price it’s going for, and the spec, that it’s pretty much a safe bet, even if I only ended up breaking it and using the engine and running gear in kara I still would be able to sell the rest for the price I was buying it for. Here are the pics from the advert, along with the listing.

# Insert pics!

She is listed as in pieces for the respray, but if the sills havn’t Already been cut out I reckon I might be able to bolt her back together and drive her home, she’s only 20 mins away. I’ve also gone into this hoping that the diff is a LSD, I had heard that all IS models were fitted with LSDs, (Comment, it was only later I found out this only applies to the mk2 models) Either way, I’ve put what I think is a safe bet bid on it, and I’m off to bed. Open-mouthed smile

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