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So Friday rolled around, and as soon as the clock ticked over to home time, me and kara were a little yellow blur outta the carpark. pointing her nose towards Painterdaves i nail the throttle, and promptly get stuck in the homebound rush hour. sux. I think anyone working on a project should get special traffic jumping vouchers the day their new baby comes out of paint. (Ok, shes not ALL painted, maybe i get my vouchers when the backend is done?)

Any how. I get to Daves just before he has to leave to go christmas shopping, and tom is buffing up my doors. they are brighter in person than in pictures. I love fresh paint. mmmmmmmm

After spending a looooong time drooling, I change my now damp shoes and socks and get started for the evening.
main objectives:- build up the doors and mount them, followed by the bonnet
Secondary objectives:- Finish sorting out those rear quarters, and fit the aero catches to the bonnet.
And,  of course take a shed load of pics…… errr….. ok, i forgot to do that bit 🙁 Soz, I’ll double up next time Open-mouthed smile

Barefoot turned up for the night too and we rocked on with stuff, new water pump pulley was rubbed down and painted (the last one was stolen by barefoot and Painterdave to sort out another mx which had sheared its water pump and dropped its pulley somewhere in the wilderness – little tealeafs ) we also went a bit anal with cleaning bolts and spraying them black. which added a surprising amount of time to the project.

Anyway, by the end of the night, the doors were on, built up, all working except check straps and doorcards (subject to a winter project) Bonnet is on, wings roughly attached to finish shaping before taking molds of them to create them in all their fibreglass / carbon fibre glory, some more work done on rear quarters.

After toiling away till the wee hours of the morning we caught a few Zs  in , which makes a good mini camper van with all the seats folded down.

More work on bankruptcy tomorrow? nah, Lads roadtrip to hull and scunthorpe to pick up some subframes, maybe (another) roll cage, and another topsecret project.

but for now, the meager offering of pictures from the nights activity.

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