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OK, she is running, and has proven to be reliable and derivable, and unfinished….? There is still a bunch of things to finish bolting on, finish off, and and of course the list of improvements ready for her full show season in 2012 🙂 I here is a quick list to keep me on track…..

  • Radiator bushes cos zipties aren’t the best way to mount a rad
  • A better softtop, cos lets face it, Gaffer tape rear screen are not the best finish for a car I’m hoping to put on club stands for most of its life.
  • Dinitrol the under side and the box sectioning
  • Hydro handbrake
  • Swap the clocks to something that actually works, seeing as only the petrol level and speedo works at the moment
  • Exhast work is needed, there is a lot of banging going on between the rear braces and the exhaust, and i’m very tempted by a centre mount.
  • Swap the ECU to a Megasquirt 3 to empty the engine bay further and improve fueling and spark
  • COPs, to go with the megasquirt and stop the need for adding a coilpack, I kinda like the look of them
  • Knocklight, to help me stop blowing my engine up.
  • Water reroute to cool cylinder 4 better and clean up the front of the engine
  • Refurbish a set of subframes and wishbones, fit new bushes and swap them onto the car.

that should keep me busy for a little while..

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