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  • Colin says:


    I was wondering if you still plan to sell fibre glass rear wings. The reason I ask is I have recently had welding on my sills and I’m at the stage where I need to re shell or get new wings. Your covers would be perfect as I also wanted to smooth out the fuel cap and antenna. Do you have any idea of costs? And would you be interested in running a set off ‘pre production’?

    Many thanks,


    • yetidragon says:

      Hi there 😀

      Yes, I am still planning to make these for sale.

      I have got the set of molds that I produced my rear arches from. But i am planning on making a better set before starting production, which will produce a larger panel for quicker fitment.

      If you are interested then feel free to email me and we can talk about the time scale you are on etc and work out if a set from the current molds will be sufficient for you.
      mail: yetidragon at combustionpunks co uk
      Thanks for the interest
      PS, I havn’t updated with the latest news yet, but i have just completed the molds for the full fibreglass front wings, will be trying them out this weekend 😀

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