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opie-oils-logoSo I’ve had a fairly easy time of it with speccing everything up, basically just running bits that came with the Turbo kit, or buying the first reasonably priced item that came up second hand. I now find myself at the point of buying the bits you don’t get second hand. Ie fluids, spark plugs etc.

Needed:- Engine oil, Gearbox oil, Diff Oil, Brake/clutch fluid, coolant , screen wash , power steering fluid, sparkplugs. Luckily, there is a great resource of information on MX5Nutz for all bits for the MX5, along with quite a few suppliers.

After reading through a load of posts, I found that Opie Oils are a reputable supplier, and Tim (Oilman) on Nutz is from there. A few PMs later and he has helped me decide on the fluids i want, and my order was made. And Painterdave tells me it has already been delivered Smile

All the way through I got great service from Tim / Opie Oils, answering a bundle of questions, and giving great advice. I can’t recommend them enough Open-mouthed smile

In the end i settled on:-

Engine Oil Gulf Competition 5w-40 racing
Gearbox Oil Gulf Competition 75w-90
Diff Oil Gulf Competition Racing Oil 75w-90 LS
Brake Fluid Motul RBF 600 Factory Line racing
Power Steering Fluid Motul DEXRON III
Sparkplugs NGK Spark Plug BKR7E-11
OEM Fuel Filter OEM
Screen Wash Fuchs SCREEN WASH Concentrate

I was quite biased to the Gulf products, Opie Oils have a great promo on these products right now Open-mouthed smile

I will be filling her up on the weekend, may even be able to drive her round the yard, and that will be a treat Open-mouthed smile

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