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Ok, so what do I want from my new little MX5?

  1. I want to be able to use her as a showcase for all the waspworks panels that I’m making. So she needs to look good 🙂 for all the shows….
  2. Want her to be yellow, fits in well with the waspworks theme, and i loooove my current yellow MX5
  3. Want to be able to do a little drifting, so LSD her up and stronger drivetrain
  4. Longevity, I ain’t planning on doing another big project any time soon, so let’s do her as good as possible in the time available.

so, aesthetically I will take prompts from my current MX5 (along with a few parts), low, wide and bright yellow. Open-mouthed smile

So with that in mind, lets respray the tidy shell, make some nice arches and move all the running gear from the Red car…. add a smattering of tasty bits from Kara and we should be sorted Open-mouthed smile heres the Parts list page

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