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Crash came over today to weld in those patches on the rear of the sills. It turns out that the welder was being a pain in the ass cos some idiot had gone and picked up the wrong diameter welding wire, 0.6mm instead of 0.8mm. which was enough to cause the arc to really mess up. Crash busy himself prepping bits up to his standard while i went back to the welding supplies….. which although they supply 0.6 wire, they don’t supply 0.6 nozzles…. go figure…. so i ended up going to halfrauds, who did supply the correct size….. hmmm, seems the wrong way round doesn’t it?
Anyway, new nozzles in my grubby little hands I go back to painterdaves place to the waiting Crash, who did a bang up job of the rear sills. here he is in action 🙂 the professional at work..

[slickr-flickr id=57220700@N03 search=sets set=72157625640581402 size=original descriptions=on]

So atthe end of today i have a fully solid shell, and a set of wide arches closer to completion.

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