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So Darren_a81 started selling some rather nice looking rads on MX5Nutz for a very good price…. I couldn’t resist…errr to be honest, this got me into A LOT of trouble, you see i was already in bed, after already winding hayley up by coming to bed late (she gets up at 5am everyday, so she has reason to be annoyed when I stay up late) and then the alert came through on my phone that these were up for grabs. I knew they wouldn’t hang round till morning, so I got back out of bed and ran to my laptop….. errrr…..yep, I got spanked.

But I degress  this is what they look like, and yep, it was worth the wrath of Hayley to secure this little bit of cooling shineyness. but don’t tell her….dammit, she reads this doesn’t she.

Alloy Rad for mk1 MX5Alloy Rad for mk1 MX5

So I guess Project:Bankruptcy is going to have a nice shiney radiator Open-mouthed smile

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