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The MOST IMPORTANT thing has happened!

After swaying from name to name for Project:Banckruptcy, like seriously, I have been fretting over this one, like a lot, “Caprica” was winning (named after Tricia Helfas character in Battlestar Galactica, Yes, I’m a prize winning geek, I work in computers too, deal with it) but following on from my (very) recent catch up to reality and discovering “Titan Maximum” (I’ve already admitted to the geekness) she is now “Jodi”
I’m also gonna petition Painterdave and Barefoot that we call the joint trackslag/driftbitch project “Sasha”

[slickr-flickr tag=”bahamas”]

If you wanna know what the hell i’m raving on about… Youtube :D
errr…. ok, maybe this aint the MOST important thing, like maybe everything being painted, or the turbo being fitted, or the engine starting, could, possibly, be deemed more important, or a greater milestone… but it’s important to me…
Move along please…. nothing to see here :paperbag:

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