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So i fitted a HUD speedo from speedview.co which is a great bit of kit, and bling. and is a great way to supply me with a nice accurate speed reading after changing wheel diameters, tyre profiles and diff ratios from stock. I now know accurately how fast i am going 😀

The speedo itself is a small box that you mount on your dash (or fit into your dash for a super slick job) that shines your speed onto your screen, so you can see it without dropping your eyes to your gauges. It pretty much fits on anything, either by tapping into a speed signal to the ecu, or if your car doesn’t have one, by fitting a small reed switch to your standard speedo, and a small conditioning circuit.

Shining onto a standard laminated windscreen can cause a slight double image on the screen (as in my vid) but the kit also provides a reflective mostly transparent sticker to give a crisp image. I havn’t fitted my sticker yet as i am still deciding on the final location.

There is a quick growing community surrounding this speedo, complete with forum and very helpful company founder. go check them out 😀

I uploaded a quick vid of the first run out, still a bit of work to do, but very close 😀


Full fitting overview coming real soon 😀

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