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you know that plan, the one to build a tidy MX5, aesthetically pleasing, solid, a nice tidy car as a base for my Waspworks parts?

Well its still there. But Lanks just sold me his turbo kit (i didn’t have a choice in the matter)

so now I will be adding a TD04 turbo, Intercooler, standalone ECU, 550cc injectors, huge down pipe and exhaust and… errrr…. water and methanol injection. hmm… better get some better seats, seat belts and harnesses too then yeah? and those brakes? err.. better move onto plan C for them.

Some pics of the turbo set up in the current car, as you can see, the car its coming out of is very tidy.. pity he’s breaking her up.

[slickr-flickr id=57220700@N03 search=sets set=72157625522181381 size=original descriptions=on]

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