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Otherwise known as making a big job even bigger…

It all started off so well Open-mouthed smile I drove up to Painterdaves place, had a nice drive down to collect the car, gave Trevor the outstanding funds for her, and dragged her onto the back of the transporter….

It was on the drive back upto Painterdaves place that the trouble started, you see, we were talking about the best thing to do with the new car, ok, the sills were seriously shot, but there were a full set of sills provided, brand spanking new. And some of the guys based around Painterdaves place are kick ass welders. But then I would have a RED mx5, I want Yellow. Well I guess that isn’t too much of a problem, There is after all a reason Painterdave is called Painterdave Open-mouthed smile

It was around this time that Dave mentioned the BRG rust free shell he had outside his unit, and that he wasn’t gonna have time to do anything with it, and suggested it might be an idea to swap running gear from this red one into that BRG one, with a respray. That sounds a plausible idea. Added to that my plans to make smooth wide arches, and the fact the red one could prove useful for molding them on…. this could be a good idea….

Long story short. I now own 3 MX5s. I’ve got a huge project ahead of me (suitably called Project-Bankruptcy) and on my way home I called into the Pandora store in Meadowhall to get Hayley a new charm to make upi for the lack of boyfriend she is going to have over the next few months.

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