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DSCN1497For those of you that missed it, I have just built the JimStimX which is a simple board used to test the Megasquirt 3 expansion board (MS3x). While I’m on a roll and all my stuff is set up, I thought i’d make a start on the main JimStim board.

The JimStim board is a bigger project then the JimStim x, a few more components and its on IC chip. The Jimstim is used for testing the inputs and outputs of the Meagasquirt ECU, There is the Megastim too, but the JimStim is a bit more feature rich, being able to simulate more inputs.


I bought My JimStim kit along with a bunch of other stuff from DIYAutotune.com in America. The JimStim kit consists of 1 packet which includes a single PCB and all components required to complete the JimStim. Here it is just before I rip it open. The instructions i will be following are here


Opening the package you find several smaller packages, one for the active components (CPU, transistors, switches, all in the pink bags) one full of passive components (resistors, capacitors, all in the clear bags)  The PCB and a packet of connectors (DB37, Screw terminals etc.)


And a close up of the empty PCB


Construction starts with the smallest components, working towards the larger parts. first up, resistors.resisters of the same value, are packaged together, and clearly labelled. The board with the resistors mounted.


After the resistors are mounted we move onto the 4 diodes, these have polarity, so must be installed in the correct orientation on the board.


Then we move onto the capacitors and fuse,


These are followed by the LEDs, these, like the diodes earlier, have to be mounted in the correct orientation


Adding the CPU socket and DIP switches and the header pins


Finishing off with the power sockets, DB37 socket and screw connectors.


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