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Today i started on prototyping up the wide arch set. With some begged offcuts of foamex and some fleece material I starte roughing up the shape.

For those who havn’t met foamex, its brilliant, flexable, easily cut with a craft knife, it will file and shave and sand, and can be glued by pretty much anything, and doesn’t react badley to fibreglass epoxy. I love it.

Anyway, i screwed a few strips to the inside lip of the arch, then cut it to the width and profile i wanted. then i screwed some fleece to the inside edge and stretched it up the body work, using a curve of correx ( the stuff forsale signs for houses are made out of) i fixed the top end of the fleece in place.

Then i coated it with epoxy, then a few layers of fibre glass.
It will need some smoothing,and maybe a few changes to the profile to get clearences a bit better, but you can see the general idea 🙂

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