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I need to get bankruptcy running!
Ok, she starts, and idles, and somestimes she will rev up, but that is a far cry from being usable.
I think a few of the issues stem from the map being from when the ECU and turbo kit was on a 1.6 engine in Lanks car. so there is a slight capacity change, but the main thing is the TPS, I’m pretty sure that the ranges are different. In my brief investigation i noticed that WOT the TPS range on the ECU was registering about 25%. So my guess is that she is running a tad lean… up until now i really havn’t been looking into it too much, I was happy that she showed enough life to idle, and i really have had enough other things to do…..

But luckily, I have a little help getting her running and tuned up. πŸ˜€
The much-acclaimed Clive (stigatronix on mx5nutz) from Autotronix developments has a need for a website, so I will be helping him get up and running the way he wants it, and he is going to do the same for me with bankruptcy πŸ™‚ I’m well stoked πŸ™‚

Clive is a really nice bubbly guy, with an obvious passion for what he does. He started Autotronix Developments way back in ’92 so has been around the block πŸ˜€ OK, way back then, most cars were still rocking carbs, so he is one of the increasingly small number of outfits that understand carbs inside out, and can tune them to get the most out of them. Who uses carbs any more? plenty of guys πŸ˜€ you know all them old school aircooled VDubs? and that loverly new trend of putting bike carbs onto your car engine and making it sing? or those loons that have the skill to slot a whole bike engine in? let lone all those dual carb webber setups that just keep popping up, definately tuning skills for carbs are still needed, and they are an art form to tune, a puter won’t tell you it all when it comes to carbs.

Luckily for me, he has kept up with developments in the fueling and tuning worlds, and has invested alot in keeping up to date, purchasing latest ECUs to run and tune on his own cars so he knows exactly how they work, ASNU injector testing rigs and ultrasonic cleaners.
And of course, his rolling road πŸ˜€ properly fitted, you know, like dug into the ground, not like some of the boxes you see on youtube with cars strapped 5 foot off the ground and taking a bit of a dive when the straps snap.

He currently races a MK3 MX5 in the Max5 championship, but he has raced for many a year, including formula ford.

He has tuned many of the cars on MX5nutz, including Greendrifters (he of ghetto exhaust manifold fame) every one of them have sung his praises, i am just the latest in the long line.


I’ll be filming Bankruptcy on the rollers, so stay tuned to find out how she does πŸ™‚ (well, ok, i say that i will be… i suck with cameras, I’m gonna be asking Chris Tye of dropout media to do it, only if he can’t make it ill i pick up my (phone) camera and have a go)

Clive has also kindly offered to finish of a few of the hundred or so jobs tht i am half way through or not started yet, like fitting the new big brake package to the front end, and bleeding the hydrolic systems, fabricating a mount for the turbo actuator etc etc, hes gonna pop across on Friday and see how far along she is and let me know when she can go over.

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