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Clive has pulled an absolute blinder the last few days 😀

He gone above and beyond the call of duty. Going over bankruptcy from nose to tail tightening and checking and filling fluids, Fitting parts, Bleeding brakes, fabricating turbo actuator mounts. and thats just the highlights! and he wasn’t supposed to do even a quarter of it.

What was he supposed to do? just get her tuned enough to make it to JAE and back with out blowing up, and bleed my brakes out.

But he returned her to me, with everything tightened, checked, bled, my new 949 big brake conversion fitted (they look amazing with the corrado G60 discs squeezed under the 15″ xxrs)

But what about the powrz? well as you can see in the pics, she started quite low….. but at the end of it she is pulling a health 240 BHP 😀



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