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I needed to add the dump valve, intake air temp sensor and water nozzle to the inlet induction pipe. Problem is that i do not have a welder capable of aluminium. never mind, with a bit of cutting i took the steel fittings off an old intake pipe and made them into usable additions for the alu pipe.

The IAT I jb welded onto the pipe, and riveted to pull it tight, seal it, and make sure it wouldn’t fall off, even if the JB weld failed.

The waer nozzle just required a flat section to help provide a good seal, a bit of JB stick sorted that out.

The dump valve required a bit more building out, bolted to the pipe, it shoulf be strong enough Open-mouthed smile

A bit more tidying up of the JB stick sections, and some VHT wrinkle paint and it should be looking pretty tidy.

Will be ordering some VHT paint for after my holiday.

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