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Last couple of weeks I havn’t been working on bankruptcy herself, a few reasons, Daves unit is getting a new roof, I’ve not been getting 3 day weekends, but the main one is that i have had to concentrate on making the front wings.
Its been a long road for these wings, starting a year ago when i first roughed up the plugs. and the last few steps have taken a pile of work. the last 3 weekends, and every evening has been spent attaching parting planes to make the 4 piece molds, spraying releasing agent, mixing and applying gel coat, and of course laying glass. a few wrong turns along the way have caused delays. The plugs were basically destroyed when removing them from the molds, so i am really hoping the molds work, there is no second chance without starting all over again!
then yesterday I layed the first wing, and a pair of headlight covers. I know that one of the headlight covers will need a lot of work, and then a new mold creating from it. Thats cos the mold had some serious gas issues and the surface is really not the best.
But the real nervous part is that first wing. Really don’t know how it is going to go at the moment. First one out of the mold is always a bit tatty, but i’m hoping that there are no big voids, and that it will be usable. Deadlines are way to tight for a second run, especially as I only have enough biaxial cloth left for the other wing, no time to wait for delivery. If it pops out alright then i’ll lay the other tomorrow night, pop it on wednesday night and take them all to sheffield on thursday to trim, trial fit, and hand to Painterdave and BodyworkBen to fettle, prime and paint…… I really hope this works out, I have spent far too much time and money on these molds to do them over again 🙁

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